Where Is the Chest Key in Embershard Mine?

infocravinga embershard mine chest key
infocravinga embershard mine chest key

Unraveling the Mystery of the Locked Chest

Within the depths of Embershard Mine, adventurers and treasure hunters alike are drawn to a peculiar enigma—a locked chest nestled in the area near the forge. Its contents, obscured from prying eyes, beckon those who seek the hidden riches within. However, a pressing question lingers: Where can the elusive key be found to unlock this tantalizing chest?

The Key Distinction

Before delving into the quest for the chest key, it’s essential to clarify that the key you seek is not the same as the one used to open the mine’s entrance doors. This key is uniquely associated with one of the armors introduced by the Anniversary Edition/Creation Club, specifically, the alternate Orcish Plate set.

A Clue in the Guard’s Barracks

To uncover the whereabouts of the elusive NPC carrying the coveted key, your journey will lead you to the Guard’s Barracks, conveniently situated just inside the gate of Whiterun. Recognizable by the distinctive chair on its roof, this building holds a vital clue—the Guard’s Dossier. Reading this document initiates the appearance of the NPC you seek, the possessor of the key you require.

The Purpose of the Mine Key

It’s worth noting that the key typically associated with Embershard Mine serves a different purpose—it unlocks the gate to the prison cell and the gate leading to the treasure room within the mine’s depths. Regrettably, there is no known key in the base game that corresponds to the locked chest near the forge. For intrepid adventurers eager to access its concealed contents, the path forward may involve mastering the art of lock-picking. However, should this chest indeed demand a specific key, it adds yet another layer of intrigue to the mysteries hidden within the heart of Embershard Mine.

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Embershard Mine is a location in the popular video game “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.” It is a small iron mine located in the Falkreath Hold region of the game’s open world. Embershard Mine is known for its bandit occupation and the presence of valuable iron ore veins.

Here are some key points about Embershard Mine:

  1. Location: Embershard Mine is situated to the southwest of Riverwood, a small village in Skyrim. It’s a short distance from Riverwood, making it easily accessible early in the game.
  2. Occupation: The mine is typically occupied by bandits who have taken control of the area. As you explore the mine, you will encounter hostile bandit enemies.
  3. Iron Ore: Embershard Mine contains several iron ore veins that players can mine for valuable iron ore. Iron ore is a common crafting material used in blacksmithing and creating weapons and armor.
  4. Quests: Embershard Mine is often visited by players as part of various quests or simply to gather resources. It is not directly linked to any major storyline but can be explored for loot and experience.
  5. Loot: Inside the mine, you can find chests, valuable items, and potentially enchanted equipment. Exploring the mine thoroughly can yield valuable rewards.
  6. Respawning: Like many locations in Skyrim, Embershard Mine follows a respawn system. This means that after a certain period, the bandits and resources in the mine may respawn, allowing players to return for more loot and experience.
  7. Fast Travel: Once you’ve discovered Embershard Mine, you can fast travel to and from the location, making it convenient for resource gathering and questing.

Please let me know if you have any specific questions or if there’s anything else you’d like to know about Embershard Mine or any related topics in the game.


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