Master the Hunt with Storge Greaves in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Expansion

infocravings storge greaves sunbreak
infocravings storge greaves sunbreak

Storge Greaves in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR):

  • Storge Greaves are a pair of Master Rank Leg Armor and part of the Storge Set Armor Set.
  • They are introduced in the Sunbreak Expansion.
  • Both male and female characters can wear them, and they share the same stats regardless of gender.
  • Leg armor, including greaves or boots, protects the legs and feet of the hunter.
  • These armor pieces can be crafted and upgraded using the necessary materials.

Crafting Storge Greaves:

  • To craft Storge Greaves, you will need the following materials:
    • 20000zenny
    • S. Magala Hardhorn x1
    • S. Magala Shard x3
    • S. Magala Purifier x2
    • Monster Slogbone x3

Storge Greaves Information:

  • Derived from Master Rank S. Magala Monster.
  • Strongest against Water and Dragon elements.
  • Weakest against Fire, Thunder, and Ice elements.
  • Specific builds that use this armor set are not mentioned in the provided information.

Storge Greaves Upgrades:

  • You can upgrade the Storge Set Armor Set to its maximum armor limits.
  • The upgrade costs are not specified in the provided information.
  • The base level offers 120 Defense, and the maximum level is not mentioned.
  • Augmenting the armor is possible, but specific details about augmentations and materials are not provided.

These details should give players of Monster Hunter Rise valuable information about Storge Greaves and their characteristics within the game.

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