Unveiling the Secrets of BG3 Vault Contents

Unveiling the Secrets of BG3 Vault Contents


Welcome, adventurers, to the mystical world of Baldur’s Gate 3! As you embark on your quest through the Counting House, a realm filled with intrigue and treasures, our guide will navigate you through the intricacies of BG3 Vault Contents. Our focus today is on the elusive High-Security Vault, and we’ll delve into the details to ensure you unlock every secret they hold.

Infiltrating the Counting House

To gain access to the coveted Vault, we employ the talents of Astarion, the stealthy rogue of our party. Learn how to utilize Astarion’s Stealth and Sleight of Hand skills to navigate past the sentries undetected. The key lies in the Greater Invisibility spell, allowing you to unlock the Head Banker’s Office and reveal the code hidden within a book dated 1356.

Cracking the Vault Puzzle

As you return to the Counting House Vault armed with the code, the puzzle awaits. We break down the steps to align your party members in the 1356 pattern, lighting up the four crucial blue lights. Follow these instructions meticulously to ensure a seamless passage and progression in your quest.

Nine High-Security Vault, Nine Keys

Nine High-Security Vault, Nine Keys

The Counting House boasts not just one, but nine High-Security Vault, each with its unique treasures waiting to be unlocked. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the locations and rewards for each Vault key:

Vault 1: Captain Grisly’s Basement

Vault 1, concealed within the depths of Captain Grisly’s Basement, harbors secrets waiting to be unveiled. The key to this vault lies in your adept pickpocketing skills, as you discreetly acquire it from Captain Grisly himself. Once unlocked, you’ll discover treasures such as the elusive Nymph Cloak, the empowering Spell Savant Amulet, and a handsome sum of 40 Gold.

Vault 2: Lady Jannath’s Estate

Venture into Lady Jannath’s Estate, where Vault 2 hides its riches behind closed doors. Employ your pickpocketing prowess to liberate the Vault 2 Key from Lady Jannath. As the vault swings open, you’ll be greeted by the alluring Perfumed Days, Jannath’s Hat, a Gold Pendant, Verdelite Ring, Gold Ring, and an enticing 80 Gold, each item weaving its own tale of mystery and value.

Vault 3: Cazador’s Palace, Szarr’s Coffin

Within Cazador’s Palace, Vault 3, the domain of Szarr, awaits those brave enough to explore. Acquire the third key during your escapades in Cazador’s Palace, looting Szarr’s Coffin. Unveil treasures like the formidable Heavy Crossbow: Long Arm of the Gur, a collection of exquisite rings, a Silver Amulet, and a rewarding 80 Gold.

Vault 4: Water Queen’s House

Under the cloak of invisibility, infiltrate the Water Queen’s House to claim the fourth vault key. This key opens Vault 4, revealing treasures that include four enchanting Pearl Necklaces, the mighty Trident of the Waves, and a substantial 40 Gold pieces.

Vault 5: Wyrm Rock Fortress, Lord Enver Gortash

The journey to Vault 5 leads you to Wyrm Rock Fortress, where the key is held by the formidable Lord Enver Gortash. A fierce encounter awaits, but the rewards are worth the battle. Upon victory, claim the fifth vault key and discover the secrets hidden within: Father’s Diary, Ravegard’s Scourger, and a generous 80 Gold.

Vault 6: Iron Throne Prison

Venture into the depths of Iron Throne Prison to find the key to Vault 6, hidden in a chest in the lower levels. Unlocking this vault reveals treasures such as the insightful To Take Control book, the intriguing Astral Prism Heist book, the revealing Shield Steward Interrogation Logbook, a mysterious Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen, and a wealth of 225 Gold.

Vault 7: Guildhall of Nine Finger Office, Nine Fingers Keene

Sneak through the shadows within the Guildhall of Nine Finger Office to pickpocket Nine Fingers Keene for the key to Vault 7. Unveil the secrets contained within, including the coveted Knock Knuckle Gloves, a Heavy Chest filled with curious toys, and a generous 80 Gold.

Vault 8: House of Grief, Viconia DeVir

Engage in a challenging confrontation with Viconia DeVir in the House of Grief to secure the key to Vault 8. Victory brings access to treasures like The Patriar Blackmail Files, the revealing Skeletons in Patriar Closets book, an Onyx Ring, a Silver Necklace, an Amethyst Ring, a precious Diamond, and a welcome 40 Gold.

Vault 9: Counting House, Rakatha

Your journey culminates in the Counting House, where the elusive Vault 9 awaits. Pickpocket Rakatha during Act 3 with Jaheira to unlock the final safe within the giant vault, revealing its ultimate secrets.

Rewards Galore Explore the treasures within each Vault, from enchanted cloaks and powerful weapons to mysterious books and valuable jewelry. Our guide ensures you don’t miss a single detail on your journey to amass riches and uncover the hidden lore of Baldur’s Gate 3.


In conclusion, the High-Security Vaults in Baldur’s Gate 3 hold the promise of adventure and unimaginable rewards. Armed with our guide, you’re equipped to tackle each puzzle, pick each lock, and unveil the mysteries that lie within. Happy adventuring, and may your journey through BG3 be filled with triumph and discovery!

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