Mastering Inventory Management: How to Unequip Weapons in Sons of the Forest


Sons of the Forest, a thrilling survival horror game, demands players to navigate a dangerous world filled with cannibals and mutants. One crucial aspect of survival is mastering the mechanics of equipping and unequipping weapons. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of unequipping weapons in Sons of the Forest, focusing on the key phrase “unequip weapon Sons of the Forest.”

Section 1: The Basics of Unequipping Weapons

Unequip Weapons in Sons of the Forest

Understanding the fundamental keystroke: To unequip a weapon in Sons of the Forest, the universal ‘unequip’ action is initiated by pressing the ‘G’ key. This simple command returns the equipped weapon or item to the inventory. It’s essential to note potential pitfalls, such as items falling to the ground if the inventory is full.

Section 2: Re-Equipping Items and Weapons

Utilizing the inventory and hotkeys: Re-equipping items or weapons involves pressing the ‘I’ key to open the inventory. While there are no hotkeys, a quick select menu can be accessed by holding the ‘I’ key, allowing for easy viewing and selection of items. This intuitive process streamlines the re-equipping experience.

Section 3: Auto-Equipping in Sons of the Forest

Understanding the game design: Sons of the Forest may seem to auto-equip items as they are picked up, but this is not always the case. Auto-equipping occurs when the ‘take’ button (E) is held for too long. To pick up an item without equipping it, a quick tap of the E button is sufficient. This section addresses the nuances of the game’s auto-equipping mechanics.

Section 4: Workaround for Auto-Equipping

Mastering the timing: While there isn’t a direct option to disable auto-equipping, understanding the mechanics is key. Tapping the E button quickly allows for item pickup without equipping, while holding it equips the item. This section provides a workaround for players seeking more control over the auto-equipping process.

Conclusion: Navigating Sons of the Forest with Confidence

Empowered with knowledge: Mastering the art of unequipping weapons in Sons of the Forest is essential for effective gameplay. This guide ensures that players can confidently navigate the game’s challenges by understanding the mechanics surrounding unequipping and re-equipping items. Remember, a nuanced approach to inventory management is the key to survival.


Q1. How to Get Rid of Weapons in Sons of the Forest:

To dispose of weapons in Sons of the Forest, follow these steps:

  1. Press ‘G’ Key:
    • Utilize the universal ‘unequip’ action by pressing the ‘G’ key. This removes the currently equipped weapon, allowing you to free up space in your inventory.

Q2. How to Stow Weapons in Sons of the Forest:

Stowing weapons efficiently is essential for organized inventory management. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open Inventory (‘I’):
    • Press the ‘I’ key to open your inventory, revealing the items you currently carry.
  2. Right-Click on the Weapon:
    • Hover your cursor over the weapon you want to stow and right-click on it. This action places the weapon in your backpack, keeping your inventory organized.

Q3. How to Toggle Weapons in Sons of the Forest:

Toggling between weapons seamlessly is a valuable skill in Sons of the Forest. Follow these steps to set up hotkeys for quick weapon switching:

  1. Open Inventory (‘I’):
    • Press ‘I’ to open the inventory menu.
  2. Hover Over the Item:
    • Hover your mouse over the weapon you want to assign to a hotkey.
  3. Press the Desired Key (‘1’ or ‘2’):
    • Press the key (‘1’ or ‘2’) you want to assign to the weapon. This hotkey now allows you to toggle between weapons with a quick key press during gameplay.

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