How to Breed a Riff in My Singing Monsters: A Comprehensive Guide for 2023

How to Breed a Riff in My Singing Monsters


Are you searching for the perfect guide on how to breed a Riff in My Singing Monsters? You’ve landed in the right place. In this post, we’ll provide you with all the details you need to successfully breed a Riff in MSM.

My Singing Monsters, part of the popular My Singing Monsters franchise and a sequel to My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire, is a beloved game in the world of mobile and desktop gaming. Developed by Big Blue Bubble Inc., this game combines world creation and simulation elements, offering players an opportunity to interact with a variety of biomes, islands, and singing monsters.

The monsters in the game require feeding, breeding, and care, and they delight players with their unique melodies. In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of Riff and how you can acquire this musical monster in the game.

About Riff

Riff is a Natural monster in My Singing Monsters, resembling a guitarist. It’s worth noting that there’s another monster closely related to Riff known as the Guitarist. Natural Monsters are the initial class of monsters introduced in the game. They are not only the most affordable to recruit but also the easiest to breed. Additionally, they require the least amount of food compared to other monster classes.

Riff has Epic and Rare Monster variations, making it an enticing addition to your monster collection. To acquire Riff, you’ll need specific breeding combinations, and we’ll provide you with the best combinations below.

How to Breed a Riff in My Singing Monsters

Breeding Riff in MSM can be challenging if you’re not aware of the correct monster combinations. Here are the combinations you can use to increase your chances of breeding a Riff:

  1. Cybop + Maw
  2. Quibble + Drumpler
  3. Pango + Fwog

While these combinations are more straightforward, the following combinations are a bit harder to achieve in the game but offer greater breeding stability:

  1. Scups + Mammott
  2. T-Rox + Tweedle
  3. Congle + Noggin
  4. PomPom + Toe Jammer

Selecting one of these combinations will result in Riff, and it takes approximately one day (or eighteen hours with enhancements) for the Riff egg to hatch in the game. For the best results, we recommend the Noggin and Congle combination due to its shorter breeding time, allowing more attempts if you don’t get Riff initially.

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Combinations That Use Riff

Riff is not only valuable for breeding other monsters, but it’s also used in combinations to create unique monsters:

  1. Tweedle + Riff = Schmoochle Monster
  2. Riff + Congle = Reebro Monster
  3. Riff + PomPom = Reebro Monster
  4. Riff + Scups = Reebro Monster
  5. Riff + T-Rox = Reebro Monster

Increasing Earnings with Decorations

To boost your Riff’s earnings, consider placing decorations near it. You can receive earning bonuses ranging from 25% to 100% by strategically placing decorations around your Riff in the game.

Decorations Riff Likes

Here is a list of decorations that Riff favors:

  1. Bass String Bridge
  2. Crumpler Tree
  3. Leafy Sea Dragon


In conclusion, this guide has covered all the essential details you need to successfully breed a Riff in My Singing Monsters. We hope you found this information valuable and that it helps you in your gaming journey.

If you have any questions or would like to share feedback about Riff breeding, please feel free to use the comment box below. Thank you for reading, and happy monster breeding!

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