Truenas SMB Keeps Losing Connection Windows Needs Rebooting

Truenas SMB Keeps Losing Connection Windows Needs Rebooting
Truenas SMB Keeps Losing Connection Windows Needs Rebooting

Imagine you’re working on your Windows PC and suddenly, you lose connection to your Truenas SMB shares. It’s a frustrating experience, right? You’re not alone in this struggle, as many users have faced the same issue. In this blog, we’ll explore the perplexing problem of Truenas SMB connections dropping every time Windows systems are restarted, and we’ll provide solutions to fix this issue. Let’s dive into the world of Truenas, Windows, and SMB connections.

The Mysterious Problem

“Every single time any of my 3 main Windows systems (laptop and 2 desktops) get turned off/ put to sleep/ hibernated and turned back on, my Truenas core SMB shares are dead, and I have to do one of three things to fix it (and this is getting old, so any ideas what is causing this and how I can fix it, please?) I either have to reset the Truenas user password they’re mapped to (even though it has not changed!), reboot the Truenas server itself entirely, or (VERY RARELY does this fix it even) recreate the share itself entirely, which oftentimes does not even fix this issue whereas the prior 2 options do!”

This issue seems to plague many users and, unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. To address this, let’s break down possible reasons and solutions step by step.

Root Causes and Solutions

Root Causes and Solutions
Root Causes and Solutions

1. Password Reset Dilemma

Why does resetting the Truenas user password fix the issue when it hasn’t changed? This remains a mystery, but it’s a commonly used workaround. If your shares are inaccessible, try resetting the password to see if it restores the connection.

2. Rebooting the Truenas Server

Rebooting the Truenas server occasionally works, but it’s not a permanent solution. This indicates a potential server-side issue. Make sure your Truenas system is up to date with the latest updates.

3. Recreating Shares

Recreating the shares might be a last-resort solution. However, as mentioned, it doesn’t always work. This hints at a deeper problem, and it’s important to get to the root of it.

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Hardware and Network Considerations

Hardware and Network Considerations
Hardware and Network Considerations

“I honestly do not care as much about what I need to do to fix it as long as it is fixed, but I am absolutely clueless why this just decided to start happening. there seems to be no direct I’M THE ISSUE source of this either. the latest version of Truenas just downloaded yesterday to see if it would fix it, and all Windows PCs are up to date as well.”

To troubleshoot further, let’s consider your hardware and network setup.

Hardware Configuration

Your Truenas system is a custom white box server with various components. It’s important to ensure that all hardware components are functioning correctly. Hardware clock drift can be a potential source of the problem, as it can lead to synchronization issues. Make sure your system clock and hardware time are in sync.

Network Configuration

Your network setup plays a critical role in SMB connections. Check the IP addresses and make sure there are no conflicts. The mention of the Point-to-Point fiber connection IP addresses and LAN IP addresses is important. Double-check that no other devices are causing IP conflicts or disruptions.

The Mystery Continues

“also confusing is why this only began happening in the last few months out of nowhere. the only thing I have done, AT ALL, in the last few months, was replace a failing drive….literally nothing else has been done.”

The sudden onset of this issue is indeed baffling. Hardware changes, even seemingly unrelated ones, can sometimes introduce unforeseen problems. Be vigilant about the changes you make and consider rolling back to a previous hardware or software configuration if possible.

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The Truenas SMB connection issue can be frustrating, but it’s not insurmountable. Troubleshoot methodically, keeping in mind the factors mentioned above. Consider seeking assistance from forums or experts in the field, as they may have faced similar issues and found unique solutions. Don’t lose hope; there’s likely a solution waiting to be discovered.


1. Why does TrueNAS keep disconnecting?

TrueNAS may disconnect due to various factors such as network issues, hardware problems, or misconfigured settings. Troubleshooting these aspects can help resolve disconnection problems.

2. How to connect TrueNAS to Windows Server?

You can connect TrueNAS to a Windows Server by configuring SMB (Server Message Block) or NFS (Network File System) shares on your TrueNAS system. Ensure both systems are on the same network and set up the necessary permissions and access.

3. Does TrueNAS support SMB?

Yes, TrueNAS supports SMB (Server Message Block), making it compatible with Windows systems for seamless file sharing and network access. You can set up SMB shares on TrueNAS for Windows users to connect to.

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