Led Video Wall Rental New York Prices

In the heart of the Big Apple, Insane Impact stands tall as New York’s premier LED screen rental service. We specialize in providing a diverse range of mobile LED products tailored for events of all sizes,

from intimate gatherings to some of the largest festivals in the world. Experience the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled service when you choose Insane Impact for your next event.

Our LED Screen Products: Tailored for Every Occasion

Explore our MAX Mobile LED product suite, featuring four sizes of mobile LED screen trailers designed to meet the unique demands of your event:

  1. MAX 2313
    • Size: 23’x13′
    • Viewing Distance: Up to 500 ft.
  2. MAX 1710
    • Size: 17’x10′
    • Viewing Distance: Up to 300 ft.
  3. MAX 158
    • Size: 15’x8′
    • Viewing Distance: Up to 250 ft.
  4. MAX 127 Mobile LED Trailer
    • Size: 12’x7′
    • Viewing Distance: Up to 200 ft.

Unmatched Service: More Than Just a Display:

When you rent an LED screen from Insane Impact, you don’t just get an industry-leading display – you get a dedicated technician to operate the screen. Let us handle the audio/video side while you focus on the rest of your event. We pride ourselves on delivering an experience that goes beyond expectations.

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Technical Insight: Choosing the Right LED Screen for Your Needs:


Learn about key technical terms to make an informed decision when selecting your rental screen:

  • LED: The brightest, most energy-efficient display technology using light-emitting diodes.
  • Video Wall: Multiple display panels linked together for larger-than-life displays.
  • IP Rating: Measures resistance to nature’s elements; choose IP65 or higher for all-weather reliability.
  • Nits: Measures brightness; outdoor displays require a minimum of 4,500 – 5,000 nits.
  • Pixel Pitch: Density of pixels on a display panel; lower number indicates higher image detail.
  • Aspect Ratio: Proportion of width to height; common ratio is 16:9, used in our rental screens.

Applications: Transform Your Event Experience

LED screens are ideal for various events, including festivals, concerts, movie nights, fundraisers, trade shows, and more. Explore on-screen content ideas such as live TV streaming, advertising, interactive experiences, and visualizations. No matter the event, we can help elevate the attendee experience and increase event profitability.

Pricing & Services: Transparency and Value:


Our NYC jumbotron rentals start at a daily rate of $3,500, with larger MAX Mobile LED screens ranging from $4,000 – $8,000. Pricing includes a dedicated LED technician, setup/teardown, operation, power, and audio. With multi-day events, consecutive days are more cost-effective. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our all-encompassing services have you covered on the A/V side.

Amplifying Your Event Experience with Insane Impact

At Insane Impact, we don’t just offer LED display rentals; we create captivating visual experiences. With almost a decade of enhancing NYC events, we are on a mission to make your event spectacular. Choose Insane Impact as your LED screen rental partner and witness the difference. Elevate your next New York event with Insane Impact – where technology meets passion


New York LED video wall rental prices vary based on factors like size and duration. For accurate quotes, it’s advisable to contact local rental providers directly


Q.What are the benefits of using an LED video wall rental for presentation?

LED video wall rentals offer vibrant visuals, high resolution, and seamless integration, enhancing presentation impact. Their flexibility, scalability, and easy setup make them ideal for dynamic, engaging presentations.

Q.What is the difference between LED wall and video wall?

An LED wall is a display technology that uses light-emitting diodes to produce images. A video wall, on the other hand, is a multi-screen setup that can use various display technologies, including LED, to create a larger combined display. In essence, all LED walls can be part of a video wall, but not all video walls necessarily use LED technology.

Q.What is the purpose of ledvideo wall?

The purpose of an LED video wall is to provide a high-quality, large-format display for showcasing dynamic content, such as videos, advertisements, or informational visuals, in various settings like events, retail spaces, control rooms, or entertainment venues.

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