How to Learn & Earn Money From Voice-over

Now you can earn money by recording your voice. You can do the voiceover for companies and brands and earn money too. In today’s every company and brand has to run voice-over ads for their publicity. Like nowadays we see advertisements for some companies and brands etc. on cable TV networks. You can create an ad for a jewelry shop, a cafe, or an ad for a medical store. If you don’t know how to do voice-over, you will learn, you will train, you will learn. You just need to learn how to speak well. Today we will tell you some apps and software that you can use to make your voice better and better and earn money.

Voice Editing on Windows & Mac

If you use Windows or Mac, I recommend two software for voice editing that you can download and install.


If we talk about voiceover, this software is on top, it is editing software, and it is available for free if you can download it. Download Click Here 

FL Studio

This software comes with some extra settings that you can use to edit a song and make your voice even better than before. And it already has sound etc. and it takes up a lot of space
Download Click Here 

Voice Recording & Editing On Android & iPhone

If you have an android phone or iPhone then you can record and edit your voice with these applications very awesome and amazing I have also used them and this app does amazing editing.

Lexis Audio Editor

With the Lexis Audio Editor app, you can make your recorded voice good and better. Can also eliminate background noise during recording. Can make the sound soft. You can also lower or raise the pitch of your voice. To learn this app you can search on YouTube, you will find many videos. To download you can go to your Play Store & app store and download it

EZ Voice

This app differs from the above app in that it automatically edits your voice when you record your voice. And makes it better than before. To learn this app you can search on YouTube, you will find many videos. To download you can go to your Play Store & app store and download it. To download this app, you can go to your play store or app store and search and download it.

How To Get Customers

Now let’s talk about how you can attract new customers for your voiceover service. You can also use Facebook ads to attract customers, this is the best and newest way you can attract a lot of customers and the ad fee is also very reasonable. And besides, share it on your social media account. Or you can also reach your customers by using the number of marketers’ WhatsApp groups. You should have the best samples of your voiceover. you can tell your customers so that they are satisfied with your voiceover.

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