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infocravings glspay
infocravings glspay

Introducing GLSPAY

GLS PAY introduces a seamless online module that revolutionizes the way your customers experience payments. With a single integration, not only can your customers utilize payment cards, but they can also leverage other cutting-edge payment methods like GoCrypto, mBills, VALÚ, and Flik. Our strategic partnership with Lab4Pay further empowers you with competitive card payment commissions in Slovenia.

Empowerment Through GLSPay Manager

The GLS PAY manager takes your payment experience to the next level. Customers can now monitor transactions in real-time and harness advanced analytics. It offers robust features such as filtering and export capabilities, simplifying accounting processes and providing valuable insights.

Efficiency at Its Best: GLSPay Payment Module

Embrace the future of payment with the GLS PAY module. This innovative solution ensures swift and secure transactions via cards (Visa and Mastercard), along with other forward-looking methods including GoCrypto, mBills, Flik, and soon, VALÚ. The module’s interface is intelligently designed for compatibility with computers, tablets, and mobile phones, ensuring a seamless payment experience across devices.

The Fruit of Collaboration: GLSPay and Lab4Pay

Years of fruitful collaboration between GLS and Lab4Pay have culminated in GLS Pay, a game-changing solution. Drawing upon Lab4Pay’s expertise in payment methods, we envisioned GLS Pay to elevate our competitive stance in the market. Our focus on innovation centers around delivering tangible advantages and benefits to our valued business partners and recipients. GLS Pay emerged as the embodiment of this vision.

Streamlined Integration and Analytics

With a remarkably swift and secure integration process, customers can harness the power of GLS Manager in just 11 clicks. This unique analytical tool empowers businesses with in-depth insights, enabling a comprehensive analysis of operations. From various analytical options to diverse statistics, GLS Manager enhances decision-making and strategic planning.

Unifying Payment Methods, Elevating Value

We take pride in offering all payment methods through a single plugin, simplifying the payment landscape for our customers. Beyond that, our commitment to value is exemplified by offering highly competitive card payment fees.

In conclusion, GLS PAY revolutionizes payments by offering a unified platform for diverse payment methods and a dedicated analytics tool. This innovative solution is a product of our dedication to innovation, collaboration, and customer-centricity. Experience the future of payments with GLS PAY.


Understanding GLS Delivery Process in Slovenia

GLS operates a streamlined parcel delivery process in Slovenia to ensure efficient and timely deliveries. Here’s an overview of how the GLS delivery system works, along with tips to help you receive your parcels quickly and conveniently.

Delivery Days and Timing

GLS offers parcel deliveries from Monday to Friday. Deliveries typically occur in the morning, providing you with the convenience of receiving your parcels early in the day.

Efficient Delivery Workflow

  1. Parcel Collection: Once a parcel is received by GLS, it goes through a sorting and processing stage at the distribution center.
  2. Routing and Assigning: Parcels are then routed and assigned to the appropriate delivery routes based on the delivery address.
  3. Delivery to Local Depot: Parcels are sent to local depots or delivery hubs that are strategically located for efficient last-mile delivery.
  4. Delivery to Recipient: On the scheduled delivery day, GLS drivers embark on their delivery routes to bring parcels to recipients’ addresses. Deliveries are typically attempted in the morning.

Getting Your Parcel Quickly and Easily

  1. Provide Accurate Address: Ensure that you provide the correct and accurate delivery address when placing your order. This will help avoid delivery delays due to address issues.
  2. Track Your Parcel: Make use of any tracking information provided by GLS. Tracking allows you to monitor the progress of your parcel and get an estimated delivery window.
  3. Be Available: Since deliveries are usually made in the morning, try to be available at the delivery address during that time to receive your parcel.
  4. Contact GLS: If you are not available to receive the parcel, consider contacting GLS to arrange for a suitable delivery time or location. Some flexibility may be available to accommodate your schedule.
  5. Parcel Collection Points: In case you can’t be present for the delivery, you might have the option to redirect the parcel to a GLS parcel collection point near you for easy pickup at your convenience.

Did you know that most online retailers provide the flexibility to return purchases if they don’t meet your expectations? Here’s how you can initiate a refund request for missing or unsatisfactory items:

Discover the Power of Choice in Parcel Delivery

If your schedule doesn’t align with morning deliveries, fret not. You have the option to redirect your anticipated parcel to a location where you’ll be available. A notification, including a link to the MojPaket portal, will be sent to you at least a day before the expected delivery.

Received a Parcel Redirection Message? Here’s What to Do

The sender sets up the delivery details for your parcel. When the sender offers the choice of delivery method (FlexDeliveryService), we’ll notify you via your provided contact email or phone number once the sender prepares the order and generates a shipping label. This grants you time to redirect the parcel to your preferred location or indicate a specific delivery day.

However, once the parcel is in the hands of our GLS courier, it’s set to be delivered the following day. This means that you must communicate your desired delivery method to GLS before midnight. Consider your whereabouts during the delivery window. GLS conducts deliveries from Monday to Friday, predominantly in the morning. If you’ll be absent from your primary address, redirect the parcel to a nearby Parcel Locker for prompt retrieval. You also have the option to select delivery to a Parcel Shop, an alternate delivery address, another preferred delivery day, or to personally collect the parcel from a Depot. Please note, failing to collect your parcel within 4 business days will result in its return to the sender.

Understanding Your Rights: Returning Goods

As per the ZVPot (Consumer Protection Act), consumers hold the right to return goods to retailers without the obligation to provide a reason, including online purchases. In such cases, the consumer bears the costs associated with the return.

Grace Period for Returns: 14 Days

For distance contracts, including online purchases, consumers have a 14-day window to inform the merchant about their decision to withdraw from the contract. This period commences on the day the consumer receives the goods or on the day of contract conclusion for online purchases.

Know Your Jurisdiction: Slovenian Law

It’s important to note that Slovenian law safeguards consumers solely for online purchases made within Slovenia. In the event of purchases from other EU Member States, consumers can address complaints through the European Consumer Centre in Slovenia.

Taking the First Step: Contacting the Online Store

Reputable EU-based online retailers often offer both paid and free return options. Reach out to them to understand their return procedure. Typically, a simple form needs to be filled out.

Seeking Resolution: The Online Dispute Resolution Platform

Should you face challenges in reaching an agreement with an EU online retailer, there’s an avenue for resolution. Through a platform dedicated to online dispute resolution, consumers can make requests to EU retailers. This platform is accessible in all EU languages and is provided free of charge.


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