How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan

Today we will tell you how you can earn money online by living in a poor country like Pakistan. You can’t just earn money but you can also be counted among very rich people. Where we will tell you some ways to earn money. The first principle of making money is to work consistently. Nowadays, people consider making money online as fraud, but they do not know that there are platforms in this world where there is no fraud at all, but people are earning a lot of money. And many consistently. They don’t work. After some time they leave work. Let me tell you that a person is successful only when he works consistently.

How Possible Earn Money Online In Pakistan

We will tell you about how to earn from Amazon By the way, to work on Amazon, investment is required in Pakistan. But the methods we have come up with for you. If you follow them, you can definitely earn well.

Earn Money From Amazon Affiliate Program

You have made a lot of money by amazon affiliate, just follow the methods we have given you below and you will start making money soon.

How To Earn From YouTube With Amazon

To earn money from Amazon in Pakistan you need to invest a lot, we will tell you how to earn money without investment. You don’t need any great technical skills, money or time. You will have to join Amazon’s affiliate program. When you create an Amazon affiliate account, you will need to create a channel on YouTube first and you will need to find the things that people search and buy the most. Then you have to create a YouTube channel on the same topic. Suppose you create a jewelry channel, then you can create an affiliate link of the post of the best new designs of jewelry from Amazon and download the photos and videos of the same designs, edit the video in a modern way and upload it to the YouTube channel. Do it and title it for example “Top 10 gold” Ring designs in 2023 then put the Amazon affiliate link in the description of the video. The high search tag is to be used. SEO of the video should be done well. When someone watches your video and likes a design from your video, they buy that product from the link in the description, then you get a commission. Amazon’s affiliate program pays a 20% commission on the sale of an item. You can also earn commission by sharing Amazon affiliate program link on YouTube channel, blogger site, Facebook and WhatsApp.

How To Earn From With Amazon


How you can earn money from Amazon in Pakistan without investment using blogger site. As we told you earlier about the Amazon affiliate program, you have to find a product that sells a lot on Amazon. Then you need to know about Blogger site Blogger is a site of Google which provides site creation facility for free. On blogger site you don’t have to pay any annual fee to create a site and no domain fee if you buy the domain from another company like GoDaddy you can use hosting blogger for life else you can use blogger for free. Can also use domain and hosting. The next step is to create an affiliate link for your Amazon product post For example watches or shoes etc. Design a beautiful watches site on Blogger site and post various beautiful watches. Pick up the HTML code of Amazon Affiliate and put it in the absolute post on the site so that the same product of Amazon will be shown on the direct blogger site and below the post you have to write the content according to the post so that your site can be monetized on Google Adsense as well. Be done.

How To Earn From Facebook Page With Amazon

Facebook page also you can earn from Amazon Facebook is the most used platform in the world. It’s a great way to get people’s attention and traffic these days. You need to know how to create a page on Facebook. First create a page on Facebook and design it. On the Facebook page, there should be a logo, Facebook cover photo and a good description. Give the Facebook page a business look. You need to create a Facebook page related to the Amazon product that you want to market on the Facebook page. For example, you put a post about drone camera on Facebook and take the affiliate link of drone camera from Amazon and put it in your Facebook page post and you promote your Facebook page in the countries where Amazon orders are delivered. I am So that you can succeed quickly.



50 Ways to Earn Money Online in 2023



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