How to See Who Sent a Sendit: FAQs and Safety Tips

infocravings How to See Who Sent a Sendit
infocravings How to See Who Sent a Sendit


Sendit is a popular platform that allows users to discover and play augmented reality games with friends while maintaining anonymity. However, this anonymity has left many users wondering how to identify the sender of a message or question. In this blog post, we’ll address the frequently asked questions about the Sendit app and provide some safety tips for users, especially parents concerned about their kids’ usage.

Is The Sendit App Anonymous?

Yes, the Sendit App is anonymous. Your name will not appear on the messages you send. However, it’s essential to send messages responsibly, as hints about the sender can sometimes be deduced. Remember that true online anonymity is challenging to achieve, and users should always be cautious.

How To See Who Sent A Sendit?

It is not possible to see who sent a Sendit, as the app was intentionally developed to be anonymous. Anonymity is a key feature of this app, and there are no built-in methods to reveal the sender’s identity. Users should respect this anonymity and not attempt to breach it.

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Does Sendit Show Who Sent It?

No, Sendit does not show who sent a message or question. In fact, the app thrives on anonymity, allowing users to engage in anonymous messaging and feedback. Popular games on the platform, such as “Smash or Pass,” “Rate Me,” and “Roast Me,” rely on this anonymity to provide a fun and open environment for users.

Is Sendit Safe or Not?

Sendit’s safety is contingent on how users employ the app. While it fosters anonymous feedback and interactions, this very anonymity can lead to misuse, particularly among young users who may resort to bullying and harassment. It is imperative for all users, and especially parents, to be cognizant of the potential hazards tied to anonymous apps like Sendit and to adopt suitable precautions to safeguard themselves and their children.

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How to Keep Safe from Anonymous Apps Like Sendit for Kids?

Parents can implement various strategies to shield their children from potential risks associated with apps like Sendit:

Say or alert your kids about anonymous app risk: Communicate openly with your children about the potential dangers of anonymous apps and encourage them to report any concerning behavior.

Ask them to seek out help: Make sure your kids know they can come to you or another trusted adult if they encounter any issues on anonymous apps.

Teach them to think before posting: Encourage responsible online behavior by teaching your children to consider the consequences of their online actions.

Be supportive: Foster a supportive environment at home, so your kids feel comfortable sharing their online experiences with you.

Use parental control software: Implement parental control software or apps to monitor and manage your child’s online activity, including app usage.


The Sendit app offers a unique experience of anonymous interaction, but users must understand its limitations and responsibilities. It’s crucial to respect the app’s anonymity feature and to use it responsibly. Parents, in particular, should educate their children about the potential risks and provide guidance on safe online behavior. With awareness and caution, users can enjoy the fun and engaging world of Sendit while staying safe.

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