How To Earn From Etsy In Pakistan Without Investment

Are you thinking about making money from Etsy? So you have come to the right place you want to know that there is a lot of unemployment in Pakistan today due to which the economic situation is out of control. We will guide you on how to earn money from esty without any equipment and without any investment while living in Pakistan. You will be able to easily earn 1000$ per month from esty if you follow all the things that we have mentioned, first of all, you need to know about esty and what can sell on esty website. And what is its policy?

What is Etsy?

Etsy is an e-commerce website that specializes in handmade, vintage, and unique items. It allows individuals and small businesses to sell their products to a global audience. This site is like a big site like ebay but its policy is different from ebay.
The Etsy marketplace connects people looking for unique items with independent sellers around the world. Everything listed for sale on Etsy must be your handmade, vintage, or craft supplies. All items sold on Etsy must also adhere to our Prohibited Items Policy.

What can you sell on etsy in Pakistan?

How can you sell anything on esty in Pakistan without parceling anything from the post office and without investment? And can earn money. First, you need to create your account on etsy only after that you can list your products.

Customize Your Shop Settings

As your shop manager, you can set your shop preferences for how you want to sell your products. Choose a language to describe your products, and add a currency for trading, your location, etc.
Select The Shop Name
This is the part where your creativity can come in handy. You should choose an Etsy shop name that reflects your personality. Your name should be synonymous with your product offerings and easy for customers to remember. The name must be between four and twenty characters with no spaces or special characters.

What products to sell on Etsy?

You can sell digital products on Etsy. You can earn good money by selling designs like wedding card designs, event card designs, gift card designs, social media post ads, and banner designs for shops. You can design designs on Canva and when someone gives you an order you have to design accordingly, like writing his name or writing a poem, etc. as the customer tells you. If you want, you can download a bundle of all these design templates from either site. Adobe and Canva have a bundle of many designs that you can buy and save with you and use whenever you want. Can redesign at any time from templates.

For example, some designs are given in the images below.

How To Earn From Esty In Pakistan Without Investment

Before listing the product on ESTY, you will learn the first design tool like Adobe, and Canva.
You can learn how to use Canva in a day. Adobe, on the other hand, is difficult to use and it may take you a long time to learn Adobe.

I would highly recommend you use Canva. Designing or redesigning something in Canva is very easy. You can completely design anything by using drop and drag. In Canva you can create a complete design in five to ten minutes.

How To Start listing Digital products on Etsy

Sign in to your Etsy account and click on the “Sell on Etsy” link.
Choose the “Digital” option for the type of product you want to sell.
Create your listing by adding a title, description, and pricing information.
Upload your digital files to the listing. Make sure to follow Etsy’s guidelines for file types and sizes.
Choose the file delivery method, such as instant download or email delivery.
Set up your payment and shipping options. For digital products, you can offer an instant download or email delivery options.
When listing a digital item that is an instant download, you will need to upload the files that the buyer is purchasing when you list. You can upload up to five digital files. The maximum size of each file is 20MB. Uploaded files will appear in a list with their names, file sizes, and upload dates.

How much does Etsy charge for listing fees?

Looking at how much Etsy charges per sale, you’ll find that you pay $0.20 for each item you list, plus a 6.5% transaction fee for each sale. A listing lasts for four months or when the product is sold. After the item is sold, a 6.5% transaction fee is applied to the total cost of the sale, including shipping. However, Etsy does not charge a fee to edit or renew a listing. It’s always best to check with Etsy directly for any updates or changes to their fee structure.

How to increase your sales on Etsy?

How will you increase the sale of your product? For this, you have to pay a cost per click (CPC) on esty. Like we run ads on google and increase our sales or traffic. The minimum budget to run an ad on esty is 1$ per day. Running ads will sell your product very quickly. Products with ads are shown at the top whenever a customer searches for the desired product. When you apply for an ad, keep the cost per click (CPC) as low as 0.10$ to 0.50$. This way you can sell more products while saving more.


  • Large selection of unique and handmade items from independent sellers
  • Ability to support small businesses and individual creators
  • Easy online shopping platform with easy search and filtering options
  • Generally reasonable prices for handmade or custom items
  • Buyer protection and easy return policy


  • Product quality and authenticity can vary greatly depending on the seller.
  • Shipping times may be longer, especially for international orders
  • Limited ability to physically inspect or try on items prior to purchase
  • Some sellers may have poor customer service or fail to deliver orders.
  • Fees and charges may be higher for sellers, which can lead to higher prices for buyers.


With money, we can solve 99% of our problems. So quickly follow our instructions to learn more about etsy, how to create an account, and what digital products to sell, and earn money.

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