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If you want to make a lot of money by creating a website, then first of all you have to pay attention to the design of the website, how should the design of the website be, after the design of the side, and how to upload the content on it. The website should have unique content. The more modern the website design is, the faster it will gain popularity. If you are unique and relevant people understand your content, then understand that your blog will rank on Google. And as the traffic of your website increases, you can earn money from the website. Your website should not be full of errors like bugs. Now we explain how to create a website with topics.

Choose a Website Builder

How to create a website. The online website builder for creating a website is the most popular WordPress today where we can easily create our website and the second is Apart from this, there are many other online website builders, but I would recommend WordPress as you will be able to create your website very quickly and easily. Most of the websites in the world are created on Word Press, whose panel is very easy to use and the concerned person quickly understands how to use this panel. So what’s the matter? You can search the internet for how to create a website in Word – just a click away.

Website Domain Name

What is a website domain name? A domain name is called a URL. The domain name of the website should be very short, it is easy to rank on Google and remember the domain name to the concerned people and Google AdSense approval is also fast. Therefore the domain name should be related to your content.

Website Design

Now let’s talk about the website design. The website design should be very attractive – which makes it easy for the relevant person to visit your website. There should be no more worms and mistakes inside the design. The design should be fully mobile responsive. Because nowadays the biggest source of internet is a mobile phone. And the logo on your website should be simple and attractive. Logo plays an important role in website design.

Website hosting And speed

We talk about the speed of the website increases the rank of your website if you will be more, the Visitor will surely stay on your website for more time and will be ready to come to the website again. Meaning your website speed should be lite if someone visits your website and their page should load quickly. That’s why you have to get hosting from a good company and there should be no errors on the website. That’s why you have to buy a business plan for website hosting that too from a good hosting company. for example Hostinger BlueHost etc.
If you want more information about website hosting and website building, click on this Click

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Website Niche

Website niche should be related to your field and what you experience. Just as you are a doctor, you can create a health website, so do the things you do in your real life, or what you have experience in, or what you are passionate about. Create a website accordingly. This way, it will be easier for you to create content on the website because it is easier to talk about what you have experience with.
Below are some ideas for your convenience – you can check them out and get an idea of how to make a website accordingly.

  1. Personal development and self-improvement
  2. Mental health and wellness
  3. Sustainable living and environmentalism
  4. Parenting and family life
  5. Food and cooking, including healthy eating and meal planning
  6. Fitness and exercise, including workouts and wellness
  7. Career and business development
  8. Personal finance and budgeting
  9. Travel and adventure
  10. DIY and home improvement
  11. Technology and gadgets
  12. Fashion and beauty
  13. Photography and Videography
  14. Outdoor activities and nature
  15. Spirituality and personal growth
  16. Personal stories and memoir
  17. Pop culture and entertainment
  18. Automotive and motoring
  19. Gaming and e-sports
  20. Science and Education

Website Testing

Now let’s talk about testing the website once you have it all set up. So it is necessary to test the website, from which you can find out the errors coming on the website, how much the speed of the website is and how much time it takes to load and how many users it can easily withstand. can

Website Monetization

Now we talk about making money. When your website is ready, you can apply for Google AdSense, but before that, you should have 40 to 50 posts on your website, which should have unique content. And the basic and must pages of the website should also be complete like the privacy policy, terms, and conditions, etc. Otherwise, your website will never be approved for Google Adsense and you will not be able to earn money.

Affiliate marketing

You can also do marketing for yourself to earn more money from the website – you can earn extra money from affiliate marketing by placing products from other websites on your website. When the product will be sold through your website You will get his commission.

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