How to Breed Rare Drumpler in My Singing Monsters: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Breed Rare Drumpler


My Singing Monsters, a beloved mobile game, offers players the chance to curate their own melodious monster haven. Among the game’s most coveted creatures is the Rare Drumpler, known for its distinctive appearance and captivating drumming abilities. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through a step-by-step journey on how to successfully breed the Rare Drumpler, along with valuable tips and strategies to boost your chances of success.

Understanding the Rare Drumpler

Before embarking on the breeding process, it’s vital to acquaint yourself with the Rare Drumpler’s characteristics. This percussion-loving monster boasts a unique drum-like body and emits rhythmic beats that can be heard from afar, making it a prized addition to your monster collection.

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Breeding Combination

To breed the Rare Drumpler, specific monster combinations within the breeding structure are essential. The recommended pairing for breeding the Rare Drumpler involves the Mammott and the Pummel. The Mammott is native to Earth Island, while the Pummel resides on Air Island. Breeding these two monsters together presents a chance to obtain the Rare Drumpler.

  • Breeding Method: Mammott and Pummel
  • Alternative Method: Rare Wubbox with Mammott and Pummel
  • Breeding Structure: Position Mammott and Pummel in close proximity
  • Leveling Up: Regularly feed, fulfill wishes, and ensure suitable habitats
  • Additional Tips: Employ the Wishing Torch, strategically time breeding attempts, stay informed about in-game events

Creating an Optimal Breeding Structure

To maximize your chances of breeding the Rare Drumpler, crafting an optimal breeding structure is pivotal. This structure entails arranging monsters on the islands in a manner that places the Mammott and the Pummel in close proximity, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful breeding. Additionally, providing suitable habitats for both monsters is crucial to maintain high happiness levels.

Leveling Up Your Monsters

Significantly enhance your chances of breeding the Rare Drumpler by leveling up your monsters. Elevating the levels of the Mammott and the Pummel improves their breeding success rates. Consistently feed your monsters, fulfill their wishes, and situate them in their preferred environments to expedite the leveling-up process.

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Breeding Tips and Strategies

  1. Exercise Patience: Breeding rare monsters, including the Rare Drumpler, demands patience. Several attempts may be required before achieving success. Stay persistent and don’t lose heart.
  2. Harness the Wishing Torch: Lighting the Wishing Torch on the islands inhabited by the Mammott and the Pummel can heighten your chances of breeding the Rare Drumpler. The Wishing Torch provides a significant boost to the breeding success rate, proving invaluable for dedicated breeders.
  3. Strategically Time Breeding Attempts: Certain times of the day or specific in-game events can increase the likelihood of breeding rare monsters. Keep abreast of the game’s official announcements and events to leverage these opportunities.
  4. Utilize the Rare Wubbox: The Rare Wubbox serves as a special structure for breeding rare monsters. Placing the Mammott and the Pummel in the Rare Wubbox offers a chance to obtain the Rare Drumpler. However, bear in mind that this method demands a substantial investment of in-game resources.


Breeding the Rare Drumpler in My Singing Monsters is an exhilarating and rewarding experience. By adhering to the recommended breeding combination, optimizing your breeding structure, leveling up your monsters, and implementing the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you can significantly boost your chances of successfully breeding this exceptional and enchanting monster. Remember, patience and determination are key to achieving your goal. Best of luck on your breeding journey, and may the Rare Drumpler grace your musical monster paradise!

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