Error Establishing a Redis Connection on Plugin


Redis, a widely-used open-source in-memory data structure store, often serves as a crucial caching mechanism in web applications. However, encountering the “Error establishing a Redis connection – only on plugin updates” in WordPress can disrupt the smooth operation of your site. In this article, we delve into the possible causes of this error and provide comprehensive troubleshooting steps to ensure your plugin updates happen seamlessly.

Causes of Error Establishing a Redis Connection:

Error Establishing a Redis Connection

The “Error establishing a Redis connection – only on plugin updates” can stem from various issues, including a downed Redis server, incorrect configuration, or problems in your application’s settings. Identifying the root cause is crucial for effective troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Steps:

Error Establishing a Redis Connection

Checking Redis Configuration in wp-config.php:

Open wp-config.php in your WordPress installation.

Locate the Redis configuration section and verify host, port, and password values.

Restart your WordPress site to force the plugin to re-read the updated configuration.

Deleting Redis Cache File:

Navigate to wp-content/plugins/redis-cache/ directory.

Locate the Redis cache file and delete it to clear cached data causing the error.

Contacting the Plugin Developer:

If the error persists, reach out to the plugin developer for specific guidance and support regarding Redis integration.

Additional Troubleshooting Tips:

Error Establishing a Redis Connection

Use a Redis Client:

Connect to the Redis server using a client to check for server downtime or network issues.

Check Redis Logs:

Examine Redis logs for error information that can aid in identifying the problem.

Restart Redis Server:

Restart the Redis server, as this might resolve connection issues.

Verify Redis Server Configuration:

Ensure Redis server is running, listening on the correct port, and configured to allow connections from your application.

Redis Support Team:

If all else fails, contacting the Redis support team can provide expert assistance in resolving the issue.


The “Error establishing a Redis connection – only on plugin updates” message can be a complex puzzle, but with meticulous troubleshooting, you can restore the smooth functioning of your WordPress site. By following these steps and ensuring accurate configurations, you’ll conquer this error and maintain a hassle-free plugin update process.


Q1: How do I deal with Redis connection failure?

  • Troubleshoot Network Connectivity: Ensure your network allows connections to the Redis server and verify firewall settings.
  • Check Server Availability: Confirm the Redis server is running and reachable; inspect server logs for error messages.
  • Validate Configuration: Review configuration settings in your application and Redis server, correcting any inaccuracies.
  • Optimize Memory Allocations: Confirm sufficient memory is allocated to Redis and adjust settings for optimal performance.

Q2: Why can’t I connect to Redis?

  • Network or Firewall Restrictions: Verify there are no network issues or restrictive firewall settings hindering connections.
  • Incorrect Configuration: Check for accurate configuration details in your application and Redis server; address any discrepancies.
  • Redis Server Downtime: Confirm the Redis server’s operational status and restart it if needed.
  • Resource Constraints: Optimize memory resources to prevent connection problems due to insufficient allocation.

Q3: What is a Redis error?

  • Redis errors can stem from various issues:
    • Error Establishing a Redis Connection: Investigate server availability, configuration settings, and clear cached data.
    • Connection Refused Error: Indicates the Redis server is inaccessible or not running; verify server status and correct misconfigurations.
    • Authentication Errors: Occur when authentication credentials are incorrect; double-check and update authentication details.

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