Easy Ways to Earn Money Online New Year New Way

As you all know that 2023 is here and it’s a new way to earn money from Two big apps in the world. What we are going to tell you are methods that no one has told you so far and you will not find them anywhere else.

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp

Earn From Facebook

First, we will talk about how to make money from Facebook in a new way. What is the best way to earn from Facebook in 2023? Which can make you rich very quickly Facebook is the most used platform today. More people use Facebook than YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter. Even before Facebook, people are making money but the way we are going to tell you. This can make you rich very quickly. Neither do you have to work hard or waste time? This business is on the go means you can earn a good amount of money if you are in the office or at home, out for fun, or with friends.

What you will need to earn money from Facebook

Here we talk about how you can earn money and what you need for it. Suppose you have some money and you buy some rare and expensive items from a market in another city and sell them at a profit in your city. This is the same way to make money from Facebook as Facebook has also launched a meta business feature that allows you to sell your products on it. In this method, you don’t need to go anywhere, you have to work from home, for which you only need to have a small investment to produce a product and sell it, which will earn you money on both sides. Had to spend

What to do in the start to earn money from Facebook

You should first guess and search which thing or which tool is being used online the most at present. You can subscribe to it. If you want to earn a lifetime then take lifetime access if not then take one month. Now you must be wondering what such a thing can be. WordPress themes, plugins, tools for SEO, keyword search tools, and logo design online sites can be subscribed to get in bulk everything and sold separately.

The links to the tools we discussed above are below, you can go and check them out

  1. gplplus
  2. worldpressit
  3. elements.envato
  4. themeforest

What to sell on Facebook

Now let’s talk about how to sell. You have to first design an ad for the item you want to sell and then have a Facebook page corresponding to that item so that your business looks like a good business. Then you have to run an ad on a Facebook page. Your ad should be professional with your product prices and product names. To run an ad on Facebook you must also have a bank account from which you can make payments to Facebook. For a very reasonable price, Facebook will give you customers according to the relevant product, who will see your ad and message you.

How Facebook Delivers Our Product Information to Customers

Let me tell you that Facebook’s artificial robots also recognize your voice when you talk about something or search, it shows ads about the same thing on your home page. And then when you run someone on Facebook, your ad will also reach relevant people and they will contact you.

How To Earn From WhatsApp

Now we talk about how to earn money from WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a very popular app in the world. It’s not like other social media platforms it’s a personal life but it can also earn a lot of money. To earn money from WhatsApp you will have to put in some hard work and use your brain.
We agree that you can increase your shop sales and expand your business through WhatsApp. But how to earn money from WhatsApp without any business or shop
You can earn money by doing something that we consider useless on WhatsApp. Yes, you are reading right. With WhatsApp, you can earn a lot of money by doing something that everyone thinks is useless.

What to do to earn money from WhatsApp?

You can earn a lot of money by sharing videos on WhatsApp you don’t know I have seen it myself in my life. All you need is the Latest model mobile with 8GB RAM and 128GB ROOM. Which can handle your WhatsApp groups well. Let me explain to you with an example. This example I have seen this in my own life. You have to create a group on WhatsApp and share the link of this group on social media. On Facebook, if you are fond of movie pages, you have to share the link of the group on this page and on other social media accounts. Share this group link. And then you have to search for a website where the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies are uploaded, you have to download the latest movies from there and share them in this group, it depends on you whether you share one movie per day or one. Leaving the day. After sharing the link of the group, you have to tell people that in it I upload a movie every day, and any person who wants to be added to it can be added by paying money.

Similarly, you can create a separate category group instead of a group, such as Horror Movie Action Movie Hindi Dubbed Movies Now more than fifteen hundred members can be added to the WhatsApp group, earlier 256 members have been added.

How much money can you earn from WhatsApp?

If you charge one hundred rupees for adding one person, you can earn 1.5 lac rupees for adding fifteen hundred people. All you have to do is sand each group by movie category on daily basis or by your routine. You can not only earn from the movie group but you can create jobs groups and also create groups for many other things.




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